The Well-Designed Places

Dedicated to the highest level of design and quality, Alu Door blend the latest technology with hand craftsmanship. Consider the important of Alu Door for some projects related to office building or home building, role doors play as a critical element in project design:

  • Doors unify the architectural integrity of the home.
  • Doors are touched dozens of times each day. Quality Doors with a substantial feel signal that the entire living space is high quality.
  • In addition to aesthetic value, high-quality doors provide dividers and privacy.


Premium Architectural Doors

There was a time when doors were appreciated for their architectural value, gracing the opening of homes and embodying the principles of their design periods.

At Osay, we miss those days. Committed to partnering with architects, home builders and homeowners, we’re reviving the rich tradition of building high-quality, architecturally-correct doors with a range of customization options to fit your preferences and your home’s unique character.


Alu Door Enhance Every Design

We design our doors with separate components that fit together precisely to create crisp, distinct lines. Each door’s precision-engineered profile creates depth and shadow lines that enhance its architectural setting, rather than simply filling an opening.

Where do you begin to choose the right door design for your projects? Alu Door makes the selection process fun and easy.

Read on and be inspired with just a few of our tantalizing options for distinctive, remarkable doors.


AL 3211 A AL 3211 B
Front View aludoor-al3211a aludoor-al3211b
Back View aludoor-al3211a-back aludoor-al3211b-back
Aluminium Profile aluminiumprofile aluminiumprofile
Frame precisecutcorner

Precise Cut Corner Junction Frame Colour PCW


Precise Cut Corner Junction Frame Colour PCW


acpAluminium Composite Panel

acpAluminium Composite Panel

The Different hinges



Latch 2″


Hin 3626 Aluminium Hinges


5791-SS Cylindrical Lock

Addition Accessories swing_hinger3626

Hin 3626 Aluminium Hinges


Cx 269 Bolt