Magnetic Insect Screen

MGS 1000

* Easy to remove and clean

* Custom made to existing window size

* No damage to your window or door

* Keep out all insects and dust

insectscreenclip2 insectscreenclip1
Fix the Screen Mesh, Magnet & Window
Frame together to prevent falling-off.
It simple and convenient to open the window.
Standard Frame Colour
insectscreenclr1 insectscreenclr2 insectscreenclr3
Beige Grey Black
Maximum Size
Width Height
78 in 78 in
2000 mm 2000 mm

Retractable Insect Screen

is100p is101p
OiS 100  OiS 101
Vertical Insect Screens System Horizontal Insect Screens System
2010_insect_website_43 2010_insect_website_45 2010_insect_website_47
It is tight and firm with a single
layer side to protect the screen
Close and open make easy with
Super Magnetic System
Adjust the spring force by yourself
2010_insect_website_52 2010_insect_website_53 2010_insect_website_54
Smooth and Silent when the
screen is rolling up
The Screen can always be
removed easily
Can be locked stability at all times
2010_insect_website_59 STEP 1
# Take a bottom panel with a super magnetic system.STEP 2
# Combine the 2 side rail of screen in the right hole.STEP 3
# Combine the side of roller screen together with other side of rail.STEP 4
# Screw top side of rail and roller to strengthen. After screw it,
close the hole with buffer.

# Install to windows and screw in 4 hole in front of insect frame.Close the hole with buffer to get nice face.


Only used a span or smooth cloth to clear and remove dust.
Remove dust in 2 side, inside and outside.
Don’t clear the screen with any hairy brush. Cause it will damage if brush it many time.
Don’t use cleaner or anything that can be bleach a screen colour.
There were also make a screen be easy torn.
It can be send back to our manufacture for repair, just take apart from the top roller.
Please contact our hotline at 1300-222-008.

Daily Care

Beat the dust off lightly with a duster, and then wipe the screen using a lightly wrung cloth or sponge.

Normal Cleaning

Step 1 : Wiping the mesh from inside with a lightly wrung cloth.
Step 2 : Wiping the mesh from outside. Place a cloth on the roll-up shaft, and wipe the mesh while storing it.

For Heavy Dirt

Wipe with sponge which is soaked in mild detergent. Wipe again with clean water.